We welcomed another learning opportunity through the 2021 IEOSA Winter Convention November 30 and December 1. We had two days packed full of great presenters, and we are proud to offer replays of these presentations.

Idaho’s Drought & What’s Ahead
David Hoekema, Idaho Department of Water Resources

Factors that Affect Bean Quality in Seed Production
Pat Brownfield, ADM

Producing More with Less to Feed the World
Jon Treloar, Novozymes

Changes to Idaho Applicator Certification and Training
Sherm Takatori, ISDA

Federal and International Seed Industry Updates
Ric Dunkle, American Seed Trade Association

Seed Pathology Research at the Parma R & E Center
James Woodhall & Christian Cumagun, University of Idaho

What Have We Learned from Thirty Years of Sweet Corn Seed Treatment Trials
Carrie Wohleb, Washington State University

ASTA State Regulatory & Pesticide Updates
Pat Miller, ASTA

Non-Active Ingredients to Enhance Seed Production
Richard Fillmore & Logan Redden, The McGregor Company

New Chemistries for Seed Production
John Ihli, BASF

Water Issues in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest
Paul Arrington, Idaho Water Users Association