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SNAIL MAIL – IEOSA 2024-2025 Membership Dues – Fill and Mail Form

The IEOSA and its current 135 membership-base has been and continues to be a strong advocate and voice for Idaho’s Seed Industry and it continues to tackle the many issues that affect this important segment of Agriculture.  Not only is this Association very visible and recognizable at our Legislature and local levels of government, but it continues to be a driving force that progressively works on industry issues such as phytosanitary, water rights, pesticides, rules and legislation, smart growth, trade and emerging technologies. 

There has never been a more important time for members of the seed industry to become involved in an organization that protects and promotes it.  This is especially true as economic issues continue to challenge all sectors of our economy.  It is critical that the IEOSA remain a strong voice and leader for our agricultural Industry, regardless of company size, geography or commodities and services represented.   

Membership Benefits:

  • Direct access to political information, elected officials and current issues
  • Placement into the IEOSA Membership Directory
  • Discounts in registration fees at Conventions, Workshops and the Annual Summer Convention
  • IEOSA Newsletters
  • Membership into the American Seed Trade Association and access to ASTA staff
  • Membership into the Pacific Seed Association and access to PSA staff
  • Access to the Idaho Seed Pesticide Council to acquire specialty pesticide labels for seed crops of interest to your company
  • Access to the Coalition for Agriculture’s Future to assist with smart growth issues on productive agricultural lands to help preserve seed production
  • Access to the Coalition for Idaho Water to help assist irrigators and Agriculture with protecting water rights for continued production
  • A forum to discuss and act on Agricultural issues that pertain to Agricultural businesses and determine an action strategy
  • Promoting/supporting new leaders through our land grant universities
  • Friendship & camaraderie with common interest & values

“IEOSA is the best place I know of to meet and network with your colleagues in the regional seed industry. It provides a great platform to discuss and work on shared industry issues in a non-competitive environment and has a very active and effective legislative committee to help in that area when appropriate. Finally, participation in IEOSA’s annual scholarship auction is a great way to help ensure there are qualified candidates for your future employment needs.”
– Past IEOSA President